Police Locate Mother Of Dead Baby Found In Backyard

The mother of a newborn baby found dead in the backyard of a Newcastle home has been located.

The mum, who is just 18 years old, was found in the Sydney suburb of Penrith, as a result of inquiries by the Newcastle City Police District.

She has spoken with police about the birth of her child.

dead baby
Photo: 10 News First.

No details have been made public as to how the baby died, but police said they've ruled out the involvement of a third party.

Prior to locating the mum, police had said they were "very concerned" for her well-being.

"It's very, very sad," a police spokesperson said.

dead baby
Photo: 10 News First.

Emergency services were called after the occupants of the Stockton home went into their backyard early Tuesday morning and found the newborn dead.

"I'm a bit shaken and sad," the man who found her told 10 News First.

Further inquiries will be determined by a post-mortem examination and forensic testing, but due to the volume of forensic evidence involved, police expect this to be a prolonged process.

No charges have been laid.