Where's William Tyrrell? The New Podcast Out To Get Answers

William Tyrrell’s foster parents have given an unprecedented exclusive interview with 10 News First as part of a ground-breaking podcast investigation which launches today.

In their first interview since 2015, they spoke to 10 News First journalist Lia Harris about the horrific day William disappeared from his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall, on the Mid North Coast of NSW, in September 2014.

They also detailed what life has been like for them since that fateful day, how they have coped with not knowing what happened to him almost five years later, and their hopes for the police investigation.

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They say they will never stop fighting for him.

“Never, until my last breath... We will not give up on William and we will not let anyone else give up on him. He is too important to give up on. Never going to happen, ever,” they said.

His foster parents, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, also spoke in heartbreaking detail about the day he disappeared.

“I do remember on that day, because William and I were in one room, that William wanted to watch -- I think it was Bananas in Pyjamas or something like that, or Fireman Sam -- and so we were watching that in the morning, and so it was good fun because he was giggling and laughing and enjoying himself and then his sister came in a little later on, but it was all just normal stuff every time we’d go there, it would be the normal stuff,” his foster father said.

“His giggle. His giggle was infectious. People would hear that and you couldn’t help but smile and have such a strong, happy response to that,” his foster mother said.

“It was very special. Very very special.”

Harris, who is behind the podcast, said she has gotten to know the family well over the past four and a half years, having been one of the first journalists on the scene when he disappeared. She has covered it ever since.

"I think most crime journalists have a case which becomes really personal and all-consuming that they become obsessed with, and this one is mine, not just because it is such a baffling and tragic case, but because I’ve got to know the foster family so well and had an insight into their grief and their love for William, and it does make it really special, and really important for me," Harris said. 

Harris said there was a lot of misconception out there about the case, especially from 'armchair detectives' who purport to know what happened but know very little of the details.

"Most people who think they know a lot about this case are going to hear the podcast and realise there’s a lot they didn’t know. So I suppose if they wanna make their judgement after they hear the podcast, at least they have all the information." 

The ground-breaking podcast, researched, written and presented by Harris in conversation with 10 News First presenter Natarsha Belling, will delve deep into the details of this baffling case, revealing things never before heard, with expert interviews and analysis.

Members of the NSW Public Order and Riot Squad search bushland in Kendall on the NSW mid-north coast. Photo: AAP

It will also detail the events leading up to the latest startling development, as lead detective Gary Jubelin is charged with illegally recording a conversation with someone during his investigation into the case.

Jubelin was charged with four offences on Friday, June 21, relating to alleged breaches of the Surveillance Devices Act.

He strongly denies the allegations and will argue in court he had a lawful reason to be recording the conversation in the execution of his duties as a detective.

The Disappearance Of William Tyrrell

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014: William Tyrrell disappears from grandmother’s house at Kendall while playing with his sister.

SEPTEMBER 12-16, 2014: Police, State Emergency Services, Rural Fire Service and 200 volunteers search within a 3km radius for William. Police divers search waterways and dams.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014: Specialist police including sex crimes squad form Strike Force Rosann and join the search.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2014: Search for William scaled back after nine days.

JANUARY 20, 2015: Police search home of William Spedding, who was reportedly due to fix a washing machine at William’s grandmother’s house but never arrived. Spedding denies any wrongdoing.

MARCH 2, 2015: Homicide Squad begins a new search in dense bush at Bonny Hills after a tip-off.

APRIL 17, 2015: Police reveal paedophile ring is under investigation.

SEPTEMBER 7, 2015: Police ask for information about two cars — a dark-grey sedan and a white station wagon — parked opposite the house on the day William disappeared. Police also want to identify dark-green or grey sedan and 4WD seen near the house.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016: $1 million reward offered to find William.

JUNE 12, 2018: NSW Police announce the start of a four-week forensic search of bushland in Kendall.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018: The case is referred to the coroner.

DECEMBER 18, 2018: A preliminary hearing is held at the Coroner’s Court.

MARCH 2019: The inquest begins and runs for a week, during which William’s foster parents and birth parents testified. The inquest will resume again in August.

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