Dog Bites Baby On Face, Causing 'Serious Injuries'

A one-year-old girl faces surgery after being bitten on the face by a dog, one of six dog bites authorities responded to in just 24 hours in Queensland.

"We had a busy night with animal bites,"  Queensland Ambulance Service Clinical Director Tony Hucker told reporters.

The child was bitten at a Helensvale home just after 6pm on Thursday, before being transported to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a serious condition.

It is likely the girl will undergo "ongoing surgeries" to correct her facial injuries, Hucker said.

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The Neapolitan mastiff involved in the incident was surrendered to Gold Coast City Council animal management officers, a council spokeswoman told 10 daily.

At the request of the owners, the animal will be put down.

A Neapolitan mastiff. Stock image: Getty

Tucker said the incident was a timely reminder that dog owners must put safety first, despite how much they might trust their beloved pets.

"We all love our dogs but the data is pretty clear," he said.

"Most dog bites are from dogs that the person who has been bitten knows... So if you've got pets, particularly dogs, at home with young kids you need to make sure that you think about safety and it doesn't actually wash anymore to say 'look our dog is really safe, never bites anyone'."

"Even though we love these dogs to death, there is a risk that they may bite younger children."

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In a separate incident, a teenager and a woman in her 30s suffered significant leg injuries following dog bites at a home in Petri around 9:20pm.

The 35-year-old woman was bitten on both her arms and legs, while trying to break up a fight between two dogs.

Both victims were transported to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in stable conditions.

"It's important to note, people do get interested in the type of dog the size of the dog and the breed," Tucker said.

"But what the data is saying is it doesn't matter -- it's completely unpredictable."