Massive Python Removed From Car Engine Because Nowhere Is Safe

Oh, you thought winter meant less snakes? Think again -- this is Australia, mate.

A NSW man and his friend experienced a very tricky type of car trouble on Tuesday, after a python decided to make itself at home within the vehicle.

Francesco Vellozzi was walking his friend back to her car outside his home in Valla Beach, NSW when passers-by alerted them to a possible roadblock.

"They said there's a massive snake that's come across the road and they've seen it go under the car," Vellozzi told 10 daily.

Evidently, the snake had made its way up and into the car, slithering through the engine and around the car door.

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Immediately aware no one in the group was going to be able to remove the intruder, Vellozzi called WIRES to lend a professional helping hand.

"It took ages to get it out because it was not going anywhere. It was hissing and everything, it was crazy," he said.

Video of the incident captures some of the hour-long process, during which the WIRES snake wrangler admitted he was sure the snake would bite him by the end.

"It was huge. It wrapped around the guy's arms and his leg, he was like 'it's going to bite me when it comes out'," Vellozzi recounted.

He said that, although he wasn't scared, his friend said she might now have to "burn the car".

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Thankfully, everyone walked away from the removal operation unharmed and the snake was released back into the wild -- within one kilometre of the area, as stipulated by WIRES guidelines.

"It'll probably come back," Vellozzi said, adding his only real concern is for his two little poodles, Max and Molly.

Living across from a nature reserve has meant the insurance worker has become familiar with scaly neighbours.

Just last month, the 46-year-old had a snake dangling from his roof while trying to ingest a large bird.

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Nearly two hours and a bit of a struggle later, the reptile managed to eat its meal without falling from the building.

If it's up your alley -- which, of course, it is -- you can check that situation out below.

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