Activists Glued Themselves To Brisbane Road During Peak Hour

The Brisbane CBD was brought to a standstill after two environmental activists glued themselves to a major road.

The two people from climate change protest group 'Extinction Rebellion' glued themselves to Queen Street at about 7.30am on Tuesday.

They were removed by emergency services, who used a chemical compound to dissolve the glue, just after 10.30am. The pair have taken into police custody.

Traffic was stopped on the street and pedestrians were forced to dodge the two, who had locked their arms together inside a steel tube and positioned themselves on a zebra crossing

Extinction Rebellion protesters glue themselves to a Brisbane street, Photo: 10 News First

Extinction Rebellion, which is becoming increasingly active around the world, live-streamed the event on Facebook.

"We have run out of time for marches, we have run out for petitions, and it's time to actually start taking a stand and getting in the way of 'business as usual'," an activist said during the stream.

Dozens of other activists gathered around them with banners bearing the slogan 'BUSINESS AS USUAL = DEATH'.

Photo: 10 News First

But they soon lost sight of their co-protesters, as a tent was set up by emergency services as they worked to remove the glued pair.

Extinction Rebellion has cited the recent decision by the Queensland Government to approve the Adani coal mine as the catalyst for Tuesday's protest.

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"This action comes just days after the Queensland Labor government gave Adani its final rushed approval and as the climate movement promises mass civil disobedience and potentially thousands of arrests," it said in a statement.

Police work to remove the glued protesters from a Brisbane street. Photo: 10 News First

This Australian protest took place hours after Extinction Rebellion activists glued themselves to Lothian Street in Edinburgh, before being arrested.

A 'Rebel Camp' has also been set up in front of the Scottish city's Palace of Holyroodhouse, and will remain there for five days.

The city of Brisbane can expect more disruptions in the city, with a 'Day of Rebellion' planned for August 6.

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The group were also responsible for the mass demonstrations that took over London in April.