Terrifying Photo Shows Giant Huntsman Eating Possum In Tasmania

A photo of a huntsman spider eating a possum is a reminder that Australia is a dangerous to place to live.

The photo, which shows a huntsman spider halfway through eating a possum, was posted to the Tasmanian Insects and Spiders Facebook page.

"Possum-eating spider!" said Justine Latton, who posted the photo.

Latton's husband captured the photo while at a lodge in the Mount Field National Park, northwest of Hobart.

Photo: Justine Latton/ Facebook

The photo has gone viral since being posted, being shared nearly 6000 times.

While the image is terrifying, most commenters were in awe of the arachnid.

"What a once in a life time photo opportunity .... I would be so freaking excited if I were lucky enough to witness this ... not scary at all just interesting and such a mystery to how this all went down," one said.

"FANTASTIC Photography and a GREAT SPECIMEN of Nature," said another person.

Photo: Justine Latton/ Facebook

The possum is most likely a pygmy possum -- the smallest of the species once believed to only live in Tasmania -- and only grow to be about seven centimetres.