Australia's Ice And Cocaine Capitals Revealed

Australians are consuming more drugs than ever before. 

The results from the latest Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program report, released Monday by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), revealed methylamphetamine (otherwise known as 'ice') remains the most consumed illicit drug across the nation.

New South Wales leads the way as the country's methylamphetamine capital (2,604 kilograms), while Victorians use more heroin than any other state or territory (395.4 kilograms).

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The program monitored around 54 percent of the country (or 12.6 million Australians) and their drug use habits.

ACIC Wastewater Report
Photo: ACIC

Australia ranks second internationally behind the USA for ice and MDMA use, but rates relatively low when it comes to cocaine consumption compared to other nations.

Nicotine and alcohol remain the highest consumed drugs across the board, but there are varying levels of illicit drug use depending on the state.


Queensland, together with South Australia, reported the highest national levels of fentanyl. Across the three capital city and six regional sites monitored, Queensland also recorded the second highest regional levels of cocaine, MDMA, MDA and oxycodone in the country.

ACIC Wastewater Report
Photo: ACIC

Alcohol consumption was shown to decrease in both metropolitan and rural areas in Queensland, while cannabis and fentanyl increased in the cities.

New South Wales

New South Wales remains the national cocaine capital, with the highest levels recorded in both city and regional testing sites across the state. Three cities and five regional sites were monitored.

NSW also had the highest regional consumption of heroin and MDA and the second highest capital city consumption of heroin, methylamphetamine, fentanyl and alcohol nationally.

Nicotine use has also increased in the NSW city centres, while heroin use has increased across the state.

ACIC Wastewater Report
Photo: ACIC

Ten sites were monitored by the ACIC in Victoria for the most recent Wastewaster report. Victoria emerged as the heroin capital of the nation, with the highest national average of the drug being consumed in its city centres.

The state also had the highest national regional consumption of both MDMA and oxycodone, and the second highest average city consumption of cocaine in Australia.

While nicotine reduced across the entire state, alcohol use increased in the city centres.

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The ACIC report revealed Tasmania has some of the most diverse drug use in the nation.

People living in Tasmanian city centres are responsible for the highest average consumption of MDMA, oxycodone, fentanyl and cannabis nationally. Australia's most southern state also recorded the second highest use of nicotine and the second highest regional consumption of cannabis.

Consumption rates of methylamphetamine increased in both metropolitan and regional areas in Tasmania.

South Australia

Nine sites across South Australia were monitored for the Wastewater report, and the highest average capital city consumption of methylamphetamine was recorded.

Together with Queensland, South Australia also recorded the highest regional average of fentanyl in the nation. The highest regional average of cannabis consumption was also recorded.

Alcohol use has reduced in both metro and regional areas, while nicotine consumption has increased in South Australian city centres.

Western Australia

Western Australia reported some of the highest methylamphetamine consumption levels across the country. Six places -- three regional centres and three cities -- were monitored by the ACIC for the report.

Western Australia had the second highest average capital city consumption of MDA and cannabis. Alcohol use in both capital and regional centres decreased.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has the highest levels of alcohol and nicotine use in Australia. Just one regional and one capital city site were monitored to determine these findings.

The NT also had the highest national average capital city consumption of MDA and the second highest level of metropolitan MDMA use in the country.

While the state recorded the highest levels of alcohol and nicotine use in the nation, use of both has decreased across the state.

Australian CAPITAL Territory

The Wastewater report revealed oxycodone, fentanyl and cocaine consumption in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are among the highest in the country.

The ACT has the second highest capital city consumption of all three drugs.

Nicotine consumption in the ACT has increased while alcohol use had decreased.

The ACIC said exact locations of drug use could not be released at this time.

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