'This Is Where I'm Going To Die': Kidnapped Backpacker's Terrifying Escape From Pig Shed

A Belgian backpacker has spoken out about her horrific ordeal after she was kidnapped, chained and imprisoned in a pig shed by a farmer in regional South Australia.

Davine was backpacking around Australia in 2017 when she posted an ad on Gumtree looking for a job while she travelled.

A man who went by the name Max responded to her ad, promising the young woman work on a farm in Meningie, around 150 kilometres south of Adelaide.

But within minutes of their arrival at a pig shed on his remote farm, the man, who was later revealed to be 54-year-old Gene Bristow, had chained the young woman inside, brutally sexually assaulted her and threatened to shoot her if she tried to escape.

Gene Bristow. Photo: Supplied

Speaking of her terrifying ordeal on 60 Minutes, Davine said she knew at the time it would be a while before anyone even noticed she was missing, let alone know where to find her.

'I thought 'I'm not going to get out of here'," she said.

I thought 'this is it, this is where I'm going to die.'

Bristow left Davine chained inside the shed, telling her he was part of a criminal gang that trafficked young women around major cities for prostitution.

"You feel very very powerless and tiny, you feel stuck," Davine said.

Revealing her harrowing story of survival, the 24-year-old recalled how she waited until darkness before using small hooks from an abandoned refrigerator inside the shed to briefly free herself from her chains.

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From there she found her laptop and WiFi stick -- not seen earlier by Bristow -- inside her bag, which she used to send panicked messages to everyone she could.

Her friend and fellow backpacker Echo raised the alarm with police, who were able to use the information Davine could remember of her journey to the farm, to triangulate a location from her phone.

Unknown to Davine, who could only hear the sound of planes overahead searching, she was just a kilometre away from the police station and just 350 metres away from Bristow's house.

But the planes never found her.

Photo: 10 News First/Supplied

Bristow was picked up by police in town the next day after he was seen in a car that matched Davine's description, but let go with no probable cause.

A panicked Bristow took Davine out of the shed and to a nearby motel where he threatened that if she contacted anyone, members of his made-up criminal gang would find her.

But on her way to get food,  Davine was spotted by police, leading to her identification and finally to safety.

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Bristow was arrested the following day to the shock of his family. His son, David, would later testify against him in court.

David told 60 Minutes he was disgusted by his father and grateful he would never have to see him again.

Gene Bristow. Photo: 10 News First

"When someone like that in your life has seemed so normal and nothing has seemed out of the ordinary and then this happens, it really blows your mind," David said.

Last month Bristow was sentenced to a minimum of 12 and a half years jail with the judge describing his victim as "courageous and resourceful".

60 Minutes reported he would likely be deported back to his native Britain upon his release.

Bristow has repeatedly maintained his innocence in letters sent to his family from prison.

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Featured Image: 60 Minutes