Runaway Cow Bursts Into Police Station, Ordered To Moo-Ve On

Livestock caused udder panic on a busy street on Saturday, as loose cattle in a bad moo-d disrupted traffic and had to be rounded up after escaping from owners.

Two belted galloway cattle were in a horse float, pulled up at traffic lights in the NSW south coast town of Batemans Bay on Saturday morning, when one decided to hoof it for freedom.

"One of the steers pushed through the front door of the horse float and onto the business district streets of Batemans Bay causing traffic havoc," NSW Police said.

A cow burst into the Batemans Bay police station after escaping from its owner. Photo: Facebook

The animal made a wrong turn, however, ending up inside the local police station's public foyer.

"Police thought the steer may have been reporting on Bail, however it was soon established that he was looking for a bale," officers said, absolutely milking the opportunity for cow puns.

"Police then gave the steer a Moooooooove-on direction."

No bull.

But, in an incredible cow-incidence, officers from the rural crime command were in the local area, and managed to round up the loose cattle and steer it back to its owner -- who was a little red-faced to have become the laughing stock of the town.

"With the assistance of Rural Crime Prevention Team Investigators, local Police, the owner of the steer, and Eurobodalla Shire Council Rangers the steer was eventually yarded and reloaded back onto the trailer uninjured," police said.

Police after rounding up the loose steer. Photo: Facebook

"Whilst the owner was a little embarrassed he was very thankful for the assistance."

Sorry for butchering all these references, but hay, it cud have been worse...