Sleeping Six Year Old Bitten By Snake

A Darwin mother has woken up to her worst nightmare, after her son was bitten by a snake while sleeping.

Mischa Gorman Forrest was asleep on Monday night when she was woken by something at her feet at about 2am.

Thinking it was just a sock, she kicked it out of bed and went back to bed.

Two hours later she was woken by her six-year-old son Ben, who told her he had been bitten by a snake.

Snake bite on the back of Ben Forrest's leg. Photo: Facebook/ Mischa Gorman Forrest

Ben had been bitten twice by the Slaty Grey snake while he slept, and had thrown the snake against the wall.

"A snake is in my bed and it’s bitten me not once but twice and I threw it at the wall," Forrest said Ben told her.

Photo: Facebook/ Mischa Gorman Forrest

Forrest realised the 'sock' she had kicked out of her bed earlier in the night had been the snake, and she too had been bitten.

Forrest took Ben to the hospital where he was treated for the snake bites on the back of his leg.

Snake catchers removed the slippery offender from the house.

Photo: Facebook/ Mischa Gorman Forrest

Forrest said her son was recovering well and had even slept the night back in his bed.

"Ben is doing better than I expected on the traumatic side of things," she said.

"I never thought I’d get him back in his own bed but Chilli our little sausage dog has taken residency in there (sic) room."

Photo: Facebook/ Mischa Gorman Forrest

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Forrest said she was grateful the snake wasn't venomous as that was her "worst nightmare".