Driver's Lucky Escape After Truck Collision

A driver has escaped with no injuries after a spectacular crash saw her car land on top of a fence after colliding with a truck.

The Honda was travelling on the Princes Highway in Kogarah, south of Sydney, around 10.20am on Wednesday. The truck collided with the vehicle as it was changing lanes near South Street.

Photo: NSW Police

The impact launched the Honda into a pedestrian barrier, collecting a set of traffic lights along the way.

Amazingly, no one was injured in the accident, NSW Traffic and Command confirmed.

Photo: NSW Police

Photos of the crash were posted to Facebook by NSW Police, leaving many confused as to how the car ended up in that position.

"How on earth has this person got their car in this position," said one person.

"Honestly I’m still baffled how you manage that," said another.

Photo: NSW Police

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The two drivers exchanged details and no further police action has been required.