Warning Issued As Month's Rainfall Expected In Hours

It's been wet and windy for parts of Australia's southeast, with Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria battered as a cold front sweeps across the states.

Conditions are set to be wild in Victoria, with virtually the whole state warned about extreme winds that will take effect on Wednesday. Damaging winds are set to reach 120 km/h in alpine regions, while Melbourne could be hit with gusts of up to 90 km/h.

"There will be flash flooding and damaging winds for most of the state," Bureau of Meteorology forecaster for Victoria Richard Carlyon told 10 daily.

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Melbourne Storms
Most of Victoria will be affected by rain and wind. Photo: Bureau of Meteorology.

Flash flooding will come with the heavy rainfall. Dry parts of Victoria's northwest and far west are expected to get rainfall equal to the monthly average in just a few hours.

"Mainly the inland parts where the rainfall is set to be about 30-40 mls across some parts which are about the average of what they might get usually," Carlyon said.

"It's reasonable rainfall especially in the inland areas."

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Melbourne's CBD is also expected to be drenched throughout the day, with the city set to see between 10-20 mls of rain, which is half of June's average rainfall.

Melbourne Weather
The clouds above Melbourne. Photo: Twitter/ Bureau of Meteorology, Victoria.

A deluge hit parts of South Australia overnight -- and it's still raining.

Adelaide woke up to its wettest morning in two years on Wednesday with Mount Lofty, about 15 kilometres east of the city's CBD, recording rainfall on 42 mls at 5am, while the suburb of Aldgate received 41 mls.

There are still a number of warnings in place for South Australia. Flood warnings for the state's inland rivers urge people to avoid the banks of waterways.

Sheep graziers in the state's northeast and northwest regions are being warned of low temperatures and rain exceeding 10 mls. This could cause the death of livestock including lamb and sheep.

Wind warnings are in place for a significant amount of the state, including coastal regions.

Tasmania is also bracing for wild weather and harsh winds. Warnings for gale-force winds have been issued for the southwest and central-west coastal regions.

Tasmania Weather
Rain and wind battering Tasmanian north coast. Photo: Bureau of Meteorology.

In the last 48 hours, between 25-50 mls of rain has descended on the state's northwest and a further 10-40 mls has drenched the north and northeastern regions.

Flash flooding is predicted in these areas as a result.

Conditions across all three states are expected to ease on Thursday.

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