Two Charged After Police Allegedly Stabbed In Neck With 'Crude Homemade' Weapon

Police have promised "strong action" against those who assault officers, after a young constable was allegedly slashed in the neck and arms in Sydney's southwest.

Two police officers attended a home on Heckenberg Avenue in Sadleir, just before 7am on Tuesday, in relation to an arrest warrant. The officers were allegedly confronted by a man inside the house, with one stabbed in the hand and slashed in the neck, police said.

The injured officer has been identified as Constable Jacob Vella.

Later on Tuesday, two men were charged.

Police said a 27-year-old man has been charged with wounding person with intent to resist arrest, wound police officer executing duty reckless as to actual bodily harm, two counts of wilfully obstruct officer in execution of duty, assault officer in execution of duty, and two counts of resist officer in execution of duty.

A 58-year-old man man has been charged with use offensive weapon to prevent lawful detention, assault officer in execution of duty, and the outstanding warrant.

The weapon used was a "crude homemade weapon" made from a steel shaft on the end of a wooden stick, claimed NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell. In a media conference on Tuesday afternoon, he condemned the alleged incident.

"It's only dangerous because there are people out there who don't respect the police uniform and who think it is alright to attack police officers," Thurtell  said.

"It's not alright at any stage to attack anybody, and we will take strong action whenever we are confronted by violent offenders."

Vella was taken to Liverpool Hospital and is in a serious but stable condition, NSW Ambulance said.

He has undergone surgery on his neck wounds, and is awaiting surgery on his wrist.

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A neighbour, Istana Sleiman, said she heard screaming in the street and saw a man looking "very distressed" when she went outside to investigate the commotion.

"I saw a man on the floor struggling to get up, and there was blood all over the floor and on his hands," Sleiman told reporters.

"He got a towel or his shirt... and wrapped it around his neck, screaming for help."

Sadleir stabbing. Photo: Kim Pratt

Another witness said she was "scared" by the screaming, and that the events at her neighbour's house were unexpected.

"[The neighbours] are really good, we didn't really expect that to happen but it did," she told 10 News First.

Heckenberg Avenue. Photo: Kim Pratt

Incidents like this send "shockwaves" through the police community, said Tony King, President of the Police Association of NSW.

“Hearing about incidents like this is tough on the whole police community. It’s incredibly hard to hear news of one of your own being attacked in such a vicious manner," he said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, incidents like this are a stark reminder of the dangers our police officers face every day. There are thousands of men and women putting their lives on the line every day to help make our state a better and safer place."