Festival Traps People Inside The Sydney Opera House Car Park

What were these people supposed to do? Watch more opera?

Festivals, everybody hates them. They’re crowded, noisy and always smell like a mixture of hay, horse poo and chips.

Over the weekend, the Vivid festival took place in Sydney and as their website states, it’s a festival ‘where art, technology and commerce intersect’. But unfortunately, this year it was also the festival where art, technology and stationary cars intersect.

The light festival blocked the Macquarie Street exit to the Sydney Opera house car park from 5pm until 11:30; someone didn’t put up a clear enough sign and that ended in blocking about 60 cars inside.

But don’t worry, the people inside the car park didn’t overreact, as one of man told Channel Nine.

“I’ve never been in jail before, but I felt like I was in jail for not committing a crime,” he said.

Interestingly, even though the car park was jam-packed with punters, the festival outside was less crowded then it was the year before. Maybe if some of the people inside the car park bothered to venture outside it might have helped boost the numbers.

Thankfully Wilson has put up a sign now reading “No exit from Opera House Park 5pm-midnight, Sat 8 & 9 June 2019”.

So, we hopefully won’t see a repeat of last night’s occurrence.