'People Will Die This Weekend': Dire Warning Ahead Of Long Weekend

The transport minister has a confronting message for drivers.

"I can't help but think there are people walking around our community today, at work, school, you name it, who are going to die this weekend," NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance said.

"That's the unfortunate nature of road accidents," he continued.

"They happen when people don't expect it and that's the sad reality."

On Thursday, authorities launched the official 'Operation Stay Alert' campaign ahead of the Queen's Birthday long weekend.

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The three-day double demerits period will see police crack down on fatigue, speed, seatbelts, and helmets, as well as drink and drug driving.

"They're not just numbers, they're human lives," Constance said.

Be mindful, don't become a statistic.

Drivers caught on their phones this long-weekend will lose 10 demerit points, while those caught speeding can lose up to 12.

Others caught not wearing a seat belt will be docked five points.

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The new special suspension rules introduced this month targeting drink driving will also be in place, with drivers warned anyone caught even at a low-range will lose their licence for three months and receive a fine.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said double demerits have been a success and have saved a considerable number of lives.

"It's pretty sobering when you think of the current statistics," Corboy said.

So far this year 165 people have lost their lives on state roads, 12 more than in the same period last year.

The latest fatalities occurred just yesterday, with two men losing their lives in separate accidents.

"Two families, lots of work friends, lots of close friends of the two people who died yesterday and last night... their lives have changed forever,  that has happened to 165 people this year."

Corboy also said the statistics were "damning", showing an increase in deaths linked to speeding.

He added that 130 of the people killed on state roads this year were males.

"So over this long weekend we are really pleading with not only anyone who drives a motor vehicle but particularly males ... it could be very tempting to try and get a long way tomorrow to spend the weekend away and travel a long distance home on Monday," Corboy said.

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Police Minister David Elliot said it was also important to be mindful of the conditions of roads.

"The extreme weather that we've seen across NSW this week is an important reminder of how volatile road conditions can be in a very short amount of time."

The double demerit period for the Queen's Birthday long weekend will begin at midnight on Friday and end at midnight on Monday (inclusive).

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