Nail-Biting Mission To Rescue Young Boy Stuck In Chimney

An eight-year-old boy has endured a painstaking rescue ordeal after he climbed into a chimney and got stuck.

The boy's mother called police to their home in Katanning, almost 300 kilometres south-east of Perth, just before 10am on Sunday.

Officers found the boy stuck beyond the choke point of the chimney, in considerable difficulty, police said.

One officer lay down on her back to support the boy's legs with her arms while trying to calm him, alongside his mother.

A young boy climbed up and got stuck in a chimney in Katanning. PHOTO: WA Police
One police officer worked to reach the boy, offering calm words of encouragement. PHOTO: WA Police

Paramedics and firefighters arrived at the home and began carefully removing the plasterboard and brickwork until an oxygen line could be inserted into the chimney opening to help the boy breathe.

Paramedics also treated the police officer at the scene.

The officer was treated at the scene. PHOTO: WA Police

Over a "considerable" amount of time, the team removed enough bricks to reach the boy, who was rescued through the opening.

He was taken to hospital as a precaution and is now recovering at home with his family.

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Featured image: WA Police