Five-Metre Waves, Freezing Temps And A Blizzard: Another Cold Snap Is Here

If you've got an umbrella, a wind jacket or a raincoat, don't leave home without it. 

Almighty wind gusts, heavy rains and huge surf are set to batter Australia's east coast starting on Monday.

We could even see a blizzard.

A multitude of weather warnings have been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) for parts of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland as another cold front passes over the south-east of the nation.

Here's what's happening with the weather in your area.

Cold Front South-East Australia
The cold front passing over the south-east of the nation. Photo:

Moderate to heavy rains sprayed the Melbourne's outer-western suburbs on Monday morning. The city's CBD got an early morning drenching but started to clear up just in time for morning commuters.

It was very foggy before 8am, but Melburnians aren't in the clear just yet. Storms are expected to reintensify later on Monday morning.

Fog hovered over Melbourne on Monday morning. Photo: Twitter/Patrick Murrell.

Road weather alerts were put in place for all Melbourne suburbs on Sunday afternoon. Monday's rainfall reduced visibility for motorists, especially with the added obstacle of heavy cloud cover and fog.

The extra water also made roads slippery. Meanwhile, forceful winds swept across the city, getting up to a whopping 70 km/h at St Kilda in Melbourne's south.

High-speed winds and flash flooding are predicted for parts of Victoria's central district on Monday morning.

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Weather Warning Victoria
The warning zone in Victoria. Photo: Bureau Of Meteorology.

There are severe weather warnings in place for parts of Victoria including Central, East Gippsland, North Central, West and South Gippsland. Damaging winds are forecast and could reach 100 km/h. Wind gusts in Alpine areas could peak at a ferocious 120 km/h.

New South Wales

Severe weather warnings galore in NSW.

The state will get battered by heavy winds, rain and cold temperatures starting on Monday and intensifying during the afternoon.

If you live anywhere between Port Macquarie and Bateman's Bay you could be impacted.  Late on Monday heavy surf, with waves reaching five metres, is predicted and people are warned to stay well away from south-facing beaches.

Weather Warning NSW
Warning areas for New South Wales. Photo: Bureau Of Meteorology.

Winds are expected to get to 90 km/h in some areas, particularly coastal parts.

A combination of gale force winds and snowfalls may combine to cause blizzard conditions in Alpine areas.

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There are currently strong wind warnings in place for the sunshine state for both Monday and Tuesday. The effects from the southern cold front are not expected to be felt by Queenslanders until later in the week.

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