Pick-Up Artist Shares 'Predatory' List Of Where To Pick Up Female 'Targets'

A creepy list of the best 'game venues' to hit on women in Melbourne has been shared on a pick-up artist's forum.

The guide, which has been described by women online as 'predatory' and 'gross', appears to have been shared on controversial american website RooshV's forum and details a "carefully curated list" of public places in Melbourne CBD where men could pick up a woman during the day.

The 'Melbourne City Datasheet' was compiled based on the knowledge of one man who claims to have "personal experiences living in the CBD from 2016-2017". It was posted in the forum in January 2017.

Despite being posted two years ago, discussion is now raging on Twitter by women who have since come across the forum.

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The website attached to the forum appears to be a blog run by Roosh V or Daryush Valizadeh, where he provides men with a range of dating 'advice'.

Articles published on the website include 'Women Must Have Their Behavior And Decisions Controlled By Men', 'Do Not Have Sex With Feminists' and '8 Things American Women Must Do To Make Themselves More Attractive For Men'.

Melbourne Datasheet
The guide introduction. Photo: Melbourne CBD Datasheet 2017

The author of the guide suggests men circle supermarkets, shopping centres, enter universities and libraries to meet young women or female tourists. It also includes tips on how to approach women, including offering them food, drinks or a place to stay.

"My opinion is that Woolworths Melbourne Central (Metro) and the Professors Walk Cafe at the University of Melbourne (during University Semesters) are the best day game venues in the Melbourne CBD," the introduction to the guide reads.

"This is because of the consistent high turnover rate (and hence quantity) of solo girls 5/10 and above, and the logistical setup making it very easy/natural to open/approach girls."

The guide then breaks down each venue, rating the "average quality" of women at each location from 0-10.

The author suggests picking up women is a "numbers game" and that the venues in his guide will allow men to meet a "large quantity of girls in a short amount of time".

There's also a flow chart detailing how to hit on women.

Melbourne Datasheet

"We know game is a numbers game and hence these venues allow you to approach a large quantity of girls in a short amount of time. I have included other venues for the sake of variety and in the event that these venues become saturated with men (wink)," the guide reads.

The comments on the post continue to offer information for men wanting to secure a 'target' in the Melbourne CBD.

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"My day game tip is Chadstone, Southland Melb central on Tuesday. No men around," one commenter wrote.

"And stand wide when you talk on your phone elbow out. Talk on it, laugh have a conversation about a topic you are passionate about. You should start drawing IOIs from solo chicks. They should come into your field of vision. They'll stop and present themselves ...Open these they are DTF."

People have slammed the guide on social media, calling it 'sexist' and 'predatory'. One woman called on the people who wrote and read the post to "be better".

Despite the outrage from the post, it hasn't been removed from the forum website. It is unclear if the guide has been reported.

10 daily has contacted Roosh V for comment.

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