Snake On A Train! Passenger Brings Python Aboard Adelaide Train

A passenger on an Adelaide train has been spotted with a a pet python.

The man was travelling on the Gawler Line in the south of Adelaide when the photo was taken.

It was shared on the 'Shit Adelaide' Instagram page, which regularly posts strange happenings around the city.

PHOTO: ShitAdelaide/ Emily Wilde

Many followers were at a loss as to why a person would bring a snake onto a train.

"Why would one think that this was a reasonable & acceptable thing to do," said one person.

"Walk on train, see snake, turn around and walk straight off!!" said another.

PHOTO: ShitAdelaide/ Emily Wilde

According to Adelaide Metro rules, a person must ask permission before bringing an animal onto a train.

"People must not, without the permission of an authorised person, bring an animal on board a regular passenger service vehicle unless it is a working animal accompanying a person with a disability," Adelaide Metro states on its website.

In a statement to the ABC, Adelaide Metro said it was not aware of anyone asking permission to bring a snake onto a train.

Can Animals Travel On Trains In Other States?

In Queensland, bringing an animal (other than an assistance animal) onto a train will land you a $261 on the spot fine.

South of the border in NSW, there are varying rules depending on the mode of transport. Other than assistance animals, none are allowed on trains or stations.

But on buses, ferries and the light rail animals are allowed to travel with the permission of staff.

Most states do not allow animals to travel on trains. Photo: Getty

In Western Australia, TransPerth gets straight to the point about their rules on animals other than assistance dogs: "No other animals are allowed on any of our services or facilities."

The law requires assistance dogs be allowed on trains. Photo: Getty

Rules are a little more lax in Victoria, with animals allowed to be taken onto trains in a "suitable animal container".