Wanted Modified Model's On-Air 'Explanation'

The man who calls himself the 'world's most modified youth' has labelled recent media attention a 'circus' after he allegedly breached his bail.

Ethan Bramble, 22, who has tattooed 98 percent of his body, told Studio 10 on Thursday that media wouldn't be interested in his case if he didn't look like he does.

"If I wasn't who I was, this wouldn't be the media circus that it is," Bramble told Studio 10.

"I have been told by several people to seek legal advice before going into the police station because it has become such a media circus.

"I just think it's ridiculous."

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Ethan Bramble
Bramble claims he is the 'world's most modified youth'. Photo: Instagram/ethanmodboybramble.

An arrest warrant was issued for Bramble by Victoria Police on Wednesday after he failed to appear in court. It was widely reported that he was wanted over assault charges, however, Bramble denied this.

He said he is wanted over alleged criminal damages for breaking a car window.

Bramble told Studio 10 he had a court date set for the alleged damages six months ago and emailed the court, telling them he was unable to make the set date. He was told to email the magistrate, however, claims he wasn't provided with any contact details to do so.

"They pretty much didn't give it to me so I couldn't do my court date, so breached the bail term," he said.

Bramble acknowledged breaching bail was the wrong thing to do and said he would turn himself into police once he has sought legal advice.

He said he was unaware he had breached his bail until his phone started "lighting up" while he was at work.

"I was at work ... and started seeing all this stuff about Victoria Police, they are after me".

Bramble was accused of taunting police with a series of social media posts on Wednesday afternoon. One post even included the song 'F**k Tha Police' by rap group NWA.

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Bramble is accused of taunting police of Wednesday. Photo: Instagram.

But Bramble said he wanted to make the most of being wanted by police for his large online following.

"I have a large audience. Of course, I am not going to get angry at it. I am a bit pissed off that it's because such a thing, but of course, I am going to have a bit of fun with it."

Bramble appeared on Studio 10 on May 14, where he discussed his body modifications with the panel.

It is unclear when he will contact Victoria Police.

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