Brothers Slashed By Huge Marlin After It Crashed Into Their Boat

Two men have been seriously injured when a massive marlin bizarrely jumped onto their fishing boat in waters off Coffs Harbour. 

The fishermen, 46 and 48, were travelling in a five-metre inflatable boat in the Solitary Islands Marine Park when the incident took place about midday on Thursday.

Police said a Marlin, weighing between 80 and 100 kilograms, managed to crash onto the boat with the brothers -- and a third man -- on board.

The fish's sharp sword-like snout sliced open the younger man's lower right arm, causing an open fracture.  The elder brother suffered a deep cut on his right shoulder.

The third man was not injured.

Local resident Nikki Voss was on a nearby beach when she heard the Westpac rescue helicopter.

She told 10 daily she saw about ten police cars turn up before an ambulance returned with the injured men.

One of the injured fishmen was airlifted to hospital. PHOTO: Nikki Voss

The first brother was airlifted to Coffs Harbour Base Hospital,  with the second taken to the same hospital by road for treatment.

Their injuries, while bizarre, are not thought to be life-threatening.

Miraculously, the fish scrambled off the boat and escaped.