Possum Forced To Smoke Cigarette In 'Toxic' Reddit Video

A video of people forcing a possum to smoke a cigarette has been posted on the website Reddit.

The video was posted on Tuesday under the title 'Possum Magic' -- in reference to the children's book of the same name.

The video shows a cigarette being lit in front of the possum's face and held there for a few seconds. As it is taken away the possum coughs before the video ends.

Photo: Reddit

Hundreds of comments have been left on the video, but horrifyingly, many of them were making jokes at the situation.

"Good to see the little guy not giving in the peer pressure," said one poster under the name of itismegege.

"This is terrible but I laughed so f*cking hard not gonna lie," said another called HardcoreBarbie.

"I'm concerned about how accessible this man's room is to wildlife. Do these creatures regularly chill on your windows? Do they come inside to smoke weed and snuggle?' said Sargniez.

Photo: Reddit

Among the comments, some did voice their horror at the video.

"People who force animals to smoke are scum. I've heard of dogs having bad reactions with weed and dipshits will still force their dogs to smoke," said a person posting under the name Nac82.

"Considering how cats and dogs are affected by weed, it's probably rather toxic," Geschak replied.

Photo: Reddit

The person who posted the video under the name 'Langington', told 10 daily he did not know who gave the possum the cigarette.

"The video is not mine, a friend had shared it with me," he said.

"It wasn't my mate who filmed it either, I'm pretty sure a friend of his found it from somewhere and shared it with him as well."

The video was deleted from the site on Thursday.

The RSPCA has been contacted for comment.