Uber Rideshare Submarines Are Coming To The Great Barrier Reef

"Been busy tonight? If you could drop me off by the heart-shaped reef, that would be great."

The world's largest rideshare company has teamed up with Australia's very own Queensland to bring travellers 'scUber' -- a world-first submarine experience on the Great Barrier Reef accessible via the Uber app.

From May 27, a limited number of riders will be able to immerse themselves in the reef without a "snorkeling mask or a driving license", Uber said on Thursday.

But if you think Uber Comfort is a little too pricey, you might want to hang on to your flippers.

For the lofty sum of $3000, two riders at a time can be picked up from their location before whizzing around the reef in a little submarine for one hour. If you were planning on submarining solo, sorry, but it's strictly a pool situation with a two-person minimum per trip.

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Uber will also return you to mainland Queensland via scenic helicopter.

ScUber will be available first on Heron Island, off the coast of Gladstone in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, before moving to Agincourt Reef off the coast of Port Douglas in Cairns from June 9.

The scUber submarine. Image: provided

It is hoped the partnership will put a spotlight back on the Great Barrier Reef.

“In late 2018, consumer research identified that exploring the Great Barrier Reef in a submarine was the most desired future travel experience sought by visitors," Tourism and Events Queensland’s Chief Executive Officer, Leanne Coddington, said in statement.

"ScUber makes this wish a reality."

Riders will be able to order the experience via the Uber app. Image: provided

Regional General Manager of Uber, Australia and New Zealand, Susan Anderson, said the company was excited to showcase the Reef with the new service.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how visitors to the Great Barrier Reef embrace this new form of movement and become advocates of the Reef for years to come," she said.

As part of the initiative, Uber will also donate $100,000 to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to support the organisation's conservation efforts.

Uber has had plans to take its services off road for quite some time, with aims to launch UberAir -- an aerial taxi service providing customers with flights -- by 2020.

Australia remains a candidate city to receive a launch site, while U.S. cities Dallas and Los Angeles are already locked in.