Student Appears To Subtly 'Flip The Bird' In Official Government Booklet

And it seems nobody noticed the cheeky move.

In a booklet about Queensland's Certificate of Education (QCE)  end of school exams, one of the students on the cover appears to have flashed a cheeky rude-finger.

That's right -- in an official government document released just last month, the boy on the right appears to have flipped the bird.

Cheeky QCE Photo
The cheeky finger. Photo: Queensland Department of Education.

The male student appears perfectly focused on the vibrant flame spurting from the Bunsen burner before him. So focused, in fact, that a readers eye would naturally gravitate there -- and not to his cheeky middle finger.

It's unclear how the image was approved by the Queensland Government, or if officials noticed the subtle prank.

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In a statement, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority's Chief Executive Officer, Chris Rider, tried to brush off the controversy.

"The QCAA uses images of Queensland schools in a wide range of publications. We’re aware that some people have chosen to interpret this image differently to us," he told 10 daily.

It's unclear how old the student is or what school he attends.

Maybe his prank it was deliberate, maybe it was a simple mistake or just maybe, this poor student is letting the world know what he really thinks of those dreaded end-of-school exams.

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