Did TV Icon Reg Grundy Have A 'Secret' Son? DNA Results Are In

The mystery surrounding a man who claims he is the long lost son of Australian TV icon Reg Grundy has deepened, with a DNA test proving “inconclusive”.

Simon Russell -- a former mayor of Bayside in Melbourne -- has joined a legal challenge to the Neighbours creator’s $800 million estate, claiming Grundy is his father.

The legal action was commenced by Grundy’s only known child, Viola La Valette.

Valette and Grundy’s Bermuda-based widow, Joy Chambers-Grundy, were both present in Sydney’s Supreme Court on Wednesday as Russell’s barrister, Nicholas Kirby, revealed the long-awaited results of the DNA comparison.

“Sadly, the fortuitously found biological sample... once tested, yielded insufficient DNA to construct a competed profile”, Kirby said.

“So those results came back inconclusive.”

Grundy (left) and Russell (right). Images: Getty, provided

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Outside court, Russell -- who bears a striking resemblance to Grundy-- refused to be drawn on why he believes the late TV producer and businessman is his father.

“I’m not going to go into it until the DNA comes back,” he told 10 News First.

“We’ll get some DNA then will go from there, but there’s no story until the DNA turns up.”

Grundy, who created The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune and many classic Australian TV dramas including Sons and Daughters and Prisoner, died in Bermuda in 2016, at the age of 92.

TV executive Reg Grundy and his wife Joy Chambers. Image: Getty

He left behind a fortune, but Chambers-Grundy initially claimed all of the couple’s assets -- with the exception of their Bermuda mansion -- were in a trust, meaning her husband died with nothing to his name.

Provision was made in the will for a $250,000 annuity to be paid to La Valette, who had a strained relationship with her father.

She commenced legal proceedings in 2017 seeking millions of dollars more from the estate.

Russell joined the proceedings, seeking a DNA sample to prove his headline-grabbing claim.