Tough New Drink Driving Laws Come Into Effect Today

First-time drink drivers caught in New South Wales can now lose their licence under strict new penalties that come into effect on Monday. 

Drivers will lose their licence for three months and face an on-the-spot fine of $561 under the new laws.

The zero-tolerance approach also applies to drug driving. First-time offenders caught driving under the influence of illicit drugs will be subject to the same penalties as drinkers.

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Transport and Roads Minister Andrew Constance announced the laws in early May saying the crack-down was vital to making NSW's roads safer.

First-time offenders caught drink-driving will lose their licence. Image: AAP

“This reform makes it clear if you break the law, you will pay the price," Constance said on May 6.

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Monday's changes are part of a number of reforms in the Road Safety Plan 2021. The Plan features initiatives that aim to make NSW's roads safer by reducing trauma and crash risks across the state.

NSW New Drink Driving Laws
Andrew Constance announced the new laws on May 6, 2019. Photo: Twitter/Andrew Constance MP.

One person is killed or hospitalised every 41 minutes due to a crash on NSW roads.

In 2018, 68 people lost their lives in alcohol-related crashes in New South Wales alone.

The Roads Safety Plan 2021 aims to reduce road fatalities by at least 30 percent by 2021. Crash reduction targets will be reassessed every five years, in the hope of achieving zero road fatalities.

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