Two Weeks Left: Ivan Milat’s Nephew Says No Deathbed Confession

When Australia’s notorious backpacker killer Ivan Milat takes his final breath, he will die insisting he is an innocent man, his nephew said.

In an exclusive interview with 10 News First, Alistair Shipsey said his family has been told Milat has terminal cancer of the oesophagus and stomach.

“It’s very bad,” he said. 

“I’ve been told he only has a couple of weeks to live.”

Shipsey, 60, keeps a mountain of handwritten letters from Milat in his south-west Sydney home. He said his mother received a note from the 74-year-old last week.

Ivan Milat's nephew Alistair Shipsey keeps handwritten letters from Milat in his Sydney home. PHOTO: 10 News First

“He was just talking about how he can’t eat, he’s lost a lot of weight, can’t keep anything down," Shipsey said. 

He said Milat and prison authorities were both aware his health was declining.

He’s known for months. And they’ve known for months. Why didn’t they treat him? That’s my question.

Shipsey believes his uncle was framed for the shooting and stabbing murders of seven backpackers, whose bodies were found in the Belanglo State Forest between 1989 and 1993.

And he said there will be no deathbed confession from Milat.

“There’s no way anything is going to change," Shipsey said. 

"If you read all the letters, 24 years of letters, he’s passionate. That’s how I know he’s innocent.”

Milat signs his letters as “Ivan Innocent”, with a hand-drawn stick figure of a saint.

A letter from Ivan Milat. PHOTO: 10 News First

Milat was moved from his cell inside Goulburn’s Supermax jail for treatment in a special prison wing of Prince of Wales Hospital.

In the coming days, he will be moved to the Long Bay Jail hospital, where Shipsey hopes to visit him.

“I’m his nephew. I want to see him before he dies," he said. 

Shipsey said his family has asked NSW Corrective Services to relax the tight restrictions Milat faced in the Goulburn jail, which allowed only two family members to visit.

“I’ll just be glad to see him. He was one of my favourite uncles. He was a tower of strength, helped everybody, looked after everybody... he was always happy," Shipsey said. 

ivan milat
An undated file photo of serial backpacker murderer Ivan Milat. Photo: AAP.

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Shipsey, a former Rebels bikie member, has pushed for several years for his uncle to be given a retrial.

“I know he’s innocent and I know he’s been framed, 100 percent, otherwise I wouldn’t stick my head out here," he said. 

But the courts, time and ill health are not on Milat’s side.

He will die and be remembered as a savage killer, who took seven lives and was suspected of many more murders.

Featured image: AAP / 10 News First