Students Left In Tears After NAPLAN Glitches

Thousands of students across the country have been affected by technical difficulties during the NAPLAN tests.

Just two days into the annual tests, and early results indicate the online system is failing.

The Education Union has slammed the test, and called for NAPLAN to be scrapped entirely.

"We have had many reports from our members about children who have been in tears and in serious distress, and that is not okay," the union's federal president, Correna Haythorpe, said on Tuesday.

Students took part in the annual NAPLAN test. Photo: 10 News First.

The South Australian union branch also reported widespread problems with the system.

"The issue for our members was that they were overwhelmed because after about 25 minutes there'd be one, then there'd be another, then there'd be everyone in the room [having trouble]," acting President Dash Taylor Johnson said.

The glitches meant some students couldn't complete the test at all, and others retook the exam on Wednesday, raising issues with the reliability of the results.

Photo: 10 News First.

"When students have to re-sit tests there is going to be significant questions about the validity of the data," Haythorpe said.

Parents have also expressed concerns about student well-being under the conditions.

"I don't think that's good enough, the test is stressful enough as it is," one mother told 10 News First.

"My kids were happy but I know they said some of their friends were really panicked about it," said another.

The South Australian Government says most schools haven't experienced any issues with the online system.

"Today we've had a dramatic improvement in the service and far fewer calls to the helpline to resolve the issues," Education Minister John Gardner said on Tuesday.

Last year was the first time selected SA schools could complete the NAPLAN tests online, with more moving online this year. There are plans for all students to use the digital format by next year.

Students completing the test on paper finish up this week, while those using the digital version have until the 24th of May to complete the test.