Tradie Predicted His Own Death On Highway

They were to be married in August, but last Thursday morning those dreams were crushed.

Sydney woman Broc Nicholson, 21, heard on the news there had been a crash on the M4 motorway near the notorious Church Street exit.

She just knew her fiancée Francis Shanley, 36, could be involved.

"I had a gut instinct something wasn't right," Broc told 10 News First in an exclusive interview.

"I got a phone call from one his bosses that Frankie had been in an accident. I jumped on the computer and saw an image of his ute and I just knew straight away he was killed even before the police called me."

Shanley with his partner Broc Nicholson. Photo: Facebook

At that moment, Broc's future hopes and dreams turned into a nightmare, with the realisation her man was not coming home.

"My heart's shattered," Broc said.

"He was my lucky charm, my Irish boy, my angel. He was everything to me."

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Her 'Frankie' was on his way to work just like any other day when his ute was crushed by a truck in a pile-up on a notorious section of the M4.

It was a tragedy Frankie himself had predicted.

"When they put the barriers up [on the M4], he said that one day there's going to be an accident, someone is going to lose their life, and unfortunately on Thursday that was his life that was taken," Broc said.

"It's not fair. It sucks. I hope no one else has to go through this."

Broc's grief has turned to anger as she speaks out, hoping to ensure no one else has to endure the same pain.

She's calling on authorities to fix the problems at the Church Street exit urgently, where drivers take extreme risks to avoid the toll.

m4 crash
The Church Street is a notorious

"It's hard to come to terms with that they haven't done something there already. It was only a matter of time," she said.

"So many people are guilty of doing it just to avoid a toll or take a different direction at the last minute."

A traffic barrier was installed last July, which reduced the exit -- the last one before the toll -- to a single lane. It was an attempt to stop drivers crossing three lanes of traffic, but it's created a build-up of cars in a dangerous black spot.

"Not at all.. you couldn't put a price on Frankie's life but his life was priceless," Broc said.

"I want to see it fixed. I want people to stop cutting in and think before their actions are taken."

Broc Nicholson held back tears as she spoke about her fiancee. Photo: 10 News First.

NSW Roads Minister Andrew Constance on Wednesday said work is scheduled for October to fix the Church Street exit but has agreed to push for it to be fast tracked.

"I've now asked them to do everything they can to expedite the changes to the exit ramp at Church street" Constance said.

"A truck driver has been scarred for life, a family has lost a loved one -- we've got to be very mindful of that."

He added that he agreed with Broc on moving as quickly as possible to fix the exit.

Nothing will bring Frankie back for Broc, but she hopes his death is not in vain.

"It's hard to imagine a future without him now. I don't know what to do with myself, it's one step at a time at the moment and it's baby steps."

"He will be with me forever, he will always be in my mind and my heart, he will always be with me."