'I Cry Every Time': Why Grandmother Watches Horrific Crash Video

In her phone, Sandra Fisk keeps a video of the scariest moment of her life.

It’s a dash-cam clip which shows her falling asleep at the wheel, crossing to the wrong side of the Pacific Highway and ploughing head-on into a stationary police car.

Her two step-grandchildren were in the back seat.

“It makes me cry every time,” she tells 10 News First.

“It’s terrible. Not only for myself and the children. But for everybody else. That poor policeman, I could have killed him.”

Sandra Fisk speaks to 10 News First. Photo: 10 News First

It was December 16, 2018. Fisk, a retired aged care worker, was headed towards Sydney from her home at Illuka, in northern NSW.

She’d had an interrupted sleep the night before, and around 30 minutes into her journey she fell asleep. It was 9am.

“I felt a black blanket go over my eyes.... and, on impact, I thought, ‘What happened?’ I looked at the windscreen, and the next moment there was a lovely man at the door trying to get me out.”

The moment before impact. Photo: 10 News First

Fisk suffered the most severe injuries in the crash: three broken ribs and some leg injuries, which left her in hospital until Christmas Eve.

Her step-granddaughter was in hospital for four days with minor internal injuries, and her step-grandson was released the following day.

The officer also suffered minor injuries.

“I did see him from a distance on the day, and I just apologised. I said ‘I don’t know what happened’ and I apologised," Fisk said.

Photo: 10 News First

“I have no hesitation in saying that the police are out there to do the job and to keep us safe."

“There is a lesson to be learned,” she warns.

“Have a good night’s sleep, and if you don’t think you can drive, don’t do it.”

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The dash-cam video, obtained exclusively by 10 News First, also reveals a car travelling in the opposite direction narrowly avoided Sandra’s car, as she crossed over the double white lines.

“I almost collided. He must have seen me and put his foot down," Sandra said.

"And I dread to think what would’ve happened if I hit that car, plus the police car.”

Photo: 10 News First

Senior police believe the crumple-zones in the highway patrol car likely saved her life. If the car had not been parked where it was, she would have driven head-on into a tree.

Fisk agrees.

“It’s absolutely horrific, and I thank my blessings every day that nobody else got hurt.”

In Maclean Local Court on Tuesday, she pleaded guilty to charges of negligent driving and failing to properly restrain one of the children in her car.

She’ll complete a one-day traffic offenders program, before a magistrate sentences her in June.