The Surprising Winner From Australia’s Best Supermarket Survey

They might dominate the market, but Aussies are less satisfied with supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths than local chains.

That's the result of advocacy group Choice's first 'Satisfaction Survey', published on Tuesday, which rated the South Australian-based, family-owned business Foodland as the country's favourite supermarket.

Consumers ranked Foodland with an overall satisfaction of 82 percent for its locally-produced food and helpful staff, among other accolades.

On the other end, Coles and Woolworths were rated least satisfactory overall by the almost 2,900 surveyed shoppers.

"The big lesson for Australian supermarkets is that fresh and local food matters," Choice Food Expert Rachel Clemons said.

Coming in a close second was NSW-based Harris Farm Markets, which at 81 per cent was also applauded for its quality of fresh produce.

"Harris Farm Markets had a particular reputation for quality and freshness and it seems there's a bit of state pride at play, with shoppers wanting to support local producers," Clemons said.

Woolworths came in seventh place.

Costco followed in third place, thanks to its vast amount of specials and discounts, while Aldi's highest-ranked value for money saw it come in fourth place.

IGA and FoodWorks, in fifth and sixth place, were also noted for their ease of checkout.

While Woolworths and Coles together hold 62 percent of the grocery market share, it seems their only positive accolade amongst shoppers is opening hours.

The pair was ranked second last and last respectively, with customers unhappy about the quality and availability of locally-produced food; speed; and ease of checkout.

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Aldi came in fourth place. PHOTO: AAP

"Convenience in terms of number of stores and opening hours, that's where Coles and Woolworths just have it in the bag," Clemons said.

"But people are looking for more than that, they're also wanting fresh, good quality, local produce.

"The duopoly need to take note."

Australia's supermarkets ranked (overall satisfaction):

1. Foodland (82 percent)

2. Harris Farm Markets (81 percent)

3. Costco (76 percent)

4. Aldi (74 percent)

5. IGA/Supa IGA (73 percent)

6. FoodWorks (71 percent)

7. Woolworths (69 percent)

8. Coles (67 percent)