Climate Change Activists Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Police have arrested 13 people after climate change activists from Greenpeace climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Security workers noticed people climbing on the bridge at around 5.15 am on Tuesday morning.

A number of protesters were stopped by security, however, others managed to climb onto the iconic structure.

Police initially made 10 arrests while three others continued to hang beneath the bridge.

A 9.45am Police confirmed the three people hanging from the bridge had also been taken into custody.

Greenpeace Harbour Bridge Protest
Protesters abseiling from the Harbour Bridge. Photo: 10 News First.

The protesters were calling for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to declare a climate change emergency.

Initially, the abseilers aimed to hang from the bridge until Scott Morrison declared a climate emergency. 10 daily understands the Prime Minister has not made that declaration.

Activists claim the protest was peaceful and safe. Greenpeace confirmed on Tuesday morning all protesters who scaled the bridge are highly trained climbers.

Greenpeace Climate Change Protest
Greenpeace protesters push for climate change action. Image: Ali Donaldson/10 News First.

A number of protesters abseiled from the bridge, carrying signs with various slogans including "100% renewables" and " Make coal history".

Lane eight of the Harbour Bridge was closed for a short period on Tuesday morning but has since reopened.

Greenpeace is urging the Australian government to take real action on climate change.

"Climate damage is happening right now," Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter said in a statement on Tuesday morning.

"Australia is facing a climate emergency right now. Our political  leaders must listen to those already affected by climate disaster and act."

A spokesperson from Greenpeace told 10 daily at Saturday's election is a "climate change election" and that neither side of politics has a comprehensive climate policy.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Protest
Sydney Harbour Bridge police operation. Photo:

It's Greenpeace's position that eliminating coal is one of the key ways to manage climate change.

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