Dashcam Captures Old Man Driving Mobility Scooter On A Freeway

Police pulled over an elderly man for driving his mobility scooter on a busy freeway.

Footage of the incident was posted on the Facebook group, Dash Cam Owners Australia by a Melbourne man, showing a 92-year-old pulling onto the freeway as cars pass him at 100 kilometres per hour.

The car driver can be heard asking the man repeatedly to move over -- to which the elderly man replied "f**k off".

Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook.

The elderly man continued his dangerous drive, merging into lanes while the car trailed with his hazard lights on, to ensure the man was not hit by another vehicle.

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The car driver called triple-zero, with the video capturing audio of the call. The emergency operator can be heard asking what colour the mobility scooter is -- to which he replied "there's only one, they won't miss him."

Victoria Police arrived and pulled the elderly man over. He was taken to Glen Waverley Police Station, where he was reunited with his family.