Woman Claims She Found Plastic Glove In Her Maccas Burger

A woman has claimed she was only offered a gift voucher in apology after reporting she found the finger of a glove in her quarter pounder.

Louisa Hanson Kenneday told 10 daily she bought the Quarter Pounder burger from a Queensland branch of McDonald's on Saturday afternoon, after finishing work.

Hanson Kenneday said she cut the burger into quarters -- a habit that she has for most other foods -- and ate three of the quarters of it before discovering the glove's finger in the last one.

"I took a bit and then swallowed a bit and I felt something and pulled my hand away -- and the whole finger of the glove came out," she said.

10 daily have reached out to McDonald's Australia, who are now investigating the case with their customer service team.

Louisa Hanson Kennady. Source: provided.

Hanson Kennady immediately reported her complaint but claimed the manager seemed unconcerned and only offered her a voucher in compensation.

While the exact value of the voucher was not discussed, Hanson Kennedy said that she is not interested in purchasing any more burgers.

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"I still feel sick now," she said.

"I'm a chef, I just can't see how something like that can go amiss."

She has contacted McDonald's headquarters and said she is expecting to hear back from them soon.

Hanson Kennady said that she was worried about the choking hazard, particularly if it had been a child that had been eating the burger.