'Highly Embarrassed' Man Behind Fake $81 Parking Ticket Fesses Up To Police

A "highly embarrassed" 68-year-old man has handed himself into police in Melbourne over a prank that turned slightly sour. 

Last Thursday, Bayside City Council warned residents of false parking fines it believed were being left on cars parked along the city foreshore.

One handwritten note, dated 11:20 am last Wednesday, was found on a car windscreen demanding $81.

parking ticket scam
Photo: Facebook.

"I have run out of paper in my machine. You parked here at 8.45, two hours and 35 minutes later you are still parked in a two-hour zone," it read, capping off with a spritely "have a better day from now".

Image: Bayside City Council

The council warned drivers it was a scam, assuring the public that "council infringements are printed on official receipts -- never handwritten."

One week later, it confirmed a "highly embarrassed" man, 68,  handed himself into police, confessing the so-called scam had been a "prank on his mate".

"The two gentlemen were apparently playing tennis at St Andrews Tennis Club on Friday 3 May when one decided to play a trick by leaving a fake handwritten parking ticket on his mate’s car," the council said in a statement.

"A concerned citizen saw the ticket on the windscreen, removed it and called Council."

A police spokeswoman confirmed to 10 daily there was no offence, and that no charges will be laid.

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"Council's concern was to protect our most vulnerable members of our community who may have been duped," Council's Manager Statutory Planning Matthew Cripps said.

"We are relieved to have this matter resolved and that no-one was intentionally trying to scam Bayside residents."