Liberal Candidate From Melbourne Resigns Over Rape Comments On Facebook

Gurpal Singh, the Liberal candidate for the Victorian seat of Scullin in Melbourne's north, has been sacked by the party after offensive Facebook comments he made about rape were revealed.

Singh was caught out for Facebook comments made on a SBS article in 2018 in which he claimed that an alleged rapist was the "real victim".

The SBS Punjabi article detailed a woman's experience of being raped by her husband and Singh commented that he had "no sympathy" for her story.

Singh then added that the alleged rape brings a "bad name to whole [sic] community".

Gurpal Singh. Source: LNP.

Earlier this week, in an SBS interview unrelated to the 2018 comments, Singh commented on his involvement in the 'No' campaign during the 2017 plebiscite and argued against gay adoption and surrogacy by claiming that it was "an issue of paedophilia".

Singh also said that there would be "very serious" implications for the children raised by same-sex couples.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused to disendorse Singh earlier this week despite the homophobic comments and told a journalist that his candidacy was secure.

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However, the LNP have now forced Singh to resign over the 2018 Facebook comments, with a Victorian Liberal spokesperson telling the ABC that Mr Singh "apologises for his previous comments and has tendered his resignation."

Mr Singh's 2018 comment on the original SBS article. Source: SBS.

Last week Morrison commented that the "standard you walk by is the standard you accept" in reference to Labor's delay in disendorsing Luke Creasey, whose social media posts making light of rape, lesbians and Catholics were exposed.

Kristina Keneally then used the same term when she criticised Morrison for sparing Singh earlier in the week for his homophobic comments, asking "why do you think Mr Singh's earlier comments linking same-sex marriage to paedophilia are less vile than these comments about rape?"

The resignation follows a spate of controversies surrounding candidates posting inflammatory or bizarre remarks on social media.

Labor candidate Wayne Kurnoth resigned after anti-Semitic posts made by the Northern Territory Senate candidate were exposed -- the posts claimed that the world was run by Jewish shape-shifting reptiles.

LNP candidate Jeremy Hearn was forced to resign after sharing claims online that Muslims were planning to introduce Sharia law into Australia, and LNP candidate Jessica Whelan resigned after controversial Facebook comments she allegedly made.