Rain, Hail And Even Snow As Bitter Cold Snap Approaches

It's sunny and mild in the southern capitals this Tuesday, but don't let that fool you.

Winter is well and truly approaching with the southern states set to cop the first major cold blast of the year.

Time to get your boots and thick socks out too. Don't forget the umbrella either.

Might even pay to pack the skis, if you have them. Up to 35 cm of snow is forecast for NSW and Victorian Alpine regions, and snow is even in the forecast for the Central Tablelands of NSW.

Here's a breakdown of what's expected in your area.

NSW, Victoria And The ACT

The east coast of Australia is set to shiver through a double-whammy of cold fronts on Tuesday and through the rest of the week.

A complex low-pressure system is lying over the south Tasman Seas while a high-pressure ridge is sitting over western New South Wales. This system will weaken as cold winds move into New South Wales.

A Marine Wind Warning and Hazardous Surf Warning are in place for NSW.

Cold Front On Australian East Coast
Cold fronts move across the east coast of Australia. Photo: Bureau Of Meteorology.

The bursts of cold will cross New South Wales and Victoria and down to Tasmania, bringing with them icy winds and rain. Wind gusts are expected to be stronger in both New South Wales and Victoria from Tuesday. NSW and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) will experience showers on Wednesday and possible thunderstorms on Thursday.

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Thunderstorms are also expected on the Victorian border.  Other parts of the state will see scattered showers and cold south-westerly winds will engulf the state on Wednesday and into Thursday but they will clear by Friday.

Sydney will be spared the worst of the cold, with tops of 20 degrees for the week while Melbourne will get to just 16. Canberra will hit 17 on Tuesday and then a high of just 15 through to Friday.

Cold Front In Victoria
A cold front passing over Victoria. Photo: Twitter/Bureau Of Meteorology Victoria.

Tasmania will also cop the brunt of the cold front moving to the nation's east. The cold winds will cross Tassie on Wednesday and large cold front will follow on Thursday. This will cause both showers and gusty winds on both Wednesday and Thursday, along with very cold temperatures.

Tops of just 16 degrees are forecast for Tasmania for the rest of the week.

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Queensland is unlikely to see any of the cool temperatures and rain. Dry air will stay over the majority of the state during Tuesday and Wednesday. Fine and sunny conditions are expected. On Thursday a trough will flow over the sunshine state and introduce some cool and dry winds.

Temperatures ranging between 22 and 27 degrees are forecast for Brisbane for the rest of the week.

South Australia

After a pleasant and balmy Monday evening, South Australians will cop the cold first. A cold front will pass over the state, bringing with it windy and showery conditions. The Bureau of Meteorology has predicated between 10 and 15 millimetres or rain for parts of the state's south-east. A thunderstorm is also possible with the current conditions.

Rainy weather is forecast for Adelaide right through till Sunday, with possible sunshine on Wednesday. Temperatures will not get above a cool 18 degrees.

South Australia Cold Front
A cold front passing over South Australia. Photo: Bureau Of Meteorology, South Australia
Northern Territory

Territorians, you're missing out. According to the BoM, there's a zero percent chance of rain over the next few days in the Northern Territory and temperatures will remain characteristically high, with maximums between 32 and 34 degrees for the rest of the week.

Western Australia

Western Australia has already seen the effects of this system. Widespread rainfall was recorded between Kalbarri to Esperance following cold fronts over the weekend. The south-west corner of Western Australia received up to 25 millimetres of rain.

The week's forecast is slightly warmer than the east, with temperatures averaging highs of 23 degrees.

Rain In Western Australia
Rainfall in Western Australia. Photo: Twitter/ Bureau Of Meteorology Western Australia.

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