Dust Off Your Umbrellas, Sydney, The Rain's Finally Back

A big cold-front slowly creeping across NSW is bringing good news for farmers but putting a dampener on weekend plans in Sydney.

After a mostly-dry April, a large band of rainfall stretching from the north to the south of NSW is on its way to the coast, bringing widespread rain.

Storms began to hit parts of western NSW late Thursday as a result of a complex low-pressure system off the coast of South Australia and an associated cold front and trough sitting over central NSW.

In Sydney, residents are reminiscing about recent warmer days, with showers expected for most of Friday before mostly clearing up on Saturday.

The rain might stick around along coastal areas however, as the cold front slowly passes through.

While the city might not know what to do with itself in all this wet, NSW residents further inland have enjoyed much-welcome rainfall over the past 24 hours.

"From yesterday 9am to this morning 9am, we have had a pretty good significant rainfall in inland south-west," BoM meteorologist Bimal KC told 10 daily.

NSW has just recorded its fifth-hottest April on record, which was also 58 per cent dryer than average.

Meanwhile the whole of Australia has just experiences its warmest January to April period on record, according to the Bureau.