Australia Post Workers Accused Of Avoiding Parcel Deliveries In Viral Reddit Thread

People waiting on mail deliveries claim posties are leaving delivery notices despite never showing up in the first place.

A Reddit thread received countless responses this week after a user posted a message chain appearing to show an interaction with an Australia Post automated text service.

In the message thread, a text from Australia Post said the person's delivery was imminent, and asked whether someone would be home to receive it or not.

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The person replied with a '2' -- signalling that someone will be at home to sign for the delivery -- with the time stamp show the message was sent just one minute after the original text was received.

One minute later, the user receives a reply saying "Sorry, your reply was received too late. The driver has already been to your home."

Comments on the thread claimed posties were doing this on purpose, to avoid having to deliver packages to homes, and instead requiring people to come to the post office to get their mail.

The message thread sparked a massive response from users online complaining of similar experiences. Image: reddit

10 daily contacted Australia Post for comment, with a spokesperson saying the "vast majority" of parcels were delivered without a problem.

While it's possible the original message was received with a delay, as the user claimed the package had already been delivered much earlier in the day, the thread has received a long stream of responses by people claiming similar experiences.

"I had the same thing today - about 30 mins after I received a "your package has been delivered email" i got the same SMS, sent the reply 2 at the same time and got the same response," one user replied.

Image: reddit

Another user claimed: "I had a courier van pull up... I ran out while watching him the whole time.... only to see him putting the card to call in my letter box.... hadn’t even opened my gate or come to my front door."

"Had/have a very impatient driver who loved writing up notification deliveries before I even had a chance to head downstairs. Called up customer service and they tend to wait around a bit now.... Never hurts to let them [know] what quality of service you are receiving," another said.

While a fourth user simply labelled the service "useless."

According to the Australia Post website parcels will be taken by drivers to a nearby Post Office if no-one is at the address to sign or if there is "no safe place" for the item to be left.

"Parcel delivery is dependent upon how an item is addressed, the location of a property, and Australia Post operational requirements for security and occupational health and safety," a message on its website said.

In a statement, Australia Post denied it purposely avoided making deliveries.

"Our posties and drivers must knock at the door three times and call out before leaving a card or safe-dropping the parcel, and the majority of our parcels are delivered without a problem," the spokesperson said.

"We do sometimes receive complaints from customers who received a card instead of a parcel and if this has happened we ask people get in contact with us so we can investigate."

"Sometimes our people may leave a card without knocking because of access or safety issues – such as an off-leash dog – and this might happen when a customer is home."

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