Enormous Python Won't Stop Sneaking Into This Family's Home

Local snake catchers have come to the rescue of Gold Coast woman, after they found an enormous carpet python in her bedroom -- but not for the first time.

Snake catchers Tony Harrison and his partner Brooke were called to a property in Burleigh Heads on Thursday.

After finding the woman found her slithery new roommate, she had locked her bedroom door until the snake catchers arrived.

The whole incident was livestreamed on the couple's business Facebook page, Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher.

Brooke searched the bedroom, with the aid of a young helper, and the two located the curled up snake underneath the bed.

While Brooke calmly picked up the snake, the home owner can be heard screaming in the background.

"Oh you're kidding," she said.

The carpet python, about 1.5 metres in length, was safely removed from the home and taken away.

Image: Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher

If you've got a slippery friend who likes to call your house a home, then Tony has got some bad news for you -- because snakes like to return to the same spot he told the resident.

This particular snake has been doing just that, with the woman telling the catchers she thinks its the same one that's been coming back for "years".

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“He was on my kitchen bench... I picked up the tablecloth and he was right under my hand," she said of a recent incident," she said.

"The tradies across the road helped me get him out.

“The cat’s been freaking out for about three days.”

Image: Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher

But this rescue in Burleigh Heads isn't unusual, the Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher page is full of carpet pythons being found in the same area.

So keep on the lookout.