Man Convicted For Animal Cruelty After Puppy's Leg Broken

A 21-year-old man has been convicted for committing aggravated animal cruelty, after he pushed his puppy forcefully off a bed and broke its leg.

RSPCA inspectors visited a home in Atarmon, Sydney in December 2018, in response to an anonymous report of animal cruelty made to the organisation's phone line.

A border collie puppy, Asha, was found limping, and had not been taken to a vet despite an obvious injury. The home's resident, Hamid Aghaei,  told inspectors he had forcefully pushed the puppy off his bed as punishment after the dog urinated on it.

Asha the border collie puppy. Source: RSPCA.

The injury had occurred two days prior to the RSPCA inspection, but Aghaei said he hadn't taken the animal to a vet yet because he was waiting for his Centrelink payment in order to get health insurance for the dog.

A vet found Asha had suffered serious fractures in her arm, hip and ankle and noted that the dog would not be able to heal completely without suffering permanent deformity in its leg and arm.

The vet also stated the puppy would have been in immense pain from the moment its bones were broken until it received pain relief at the RSPCA clinic.

RSPCA X-ray of Asha's injuries. Source: RSPCA.

On Wednesday, a 10-month intensive corrections order was imposed on Aghaei in the Downing Centre local court. He is required to commence psychiatric treatment, and he has also been placed on a community correction order.

He will also have to repay the RSPCA $5000 for the veterinary treatment Asha received.

Aaron Purcell, deputy chief inspector for the RSPCA, told 10 Daily the organisation is pleased with the result of the conviction, particularly considering this was a case of animal neglect more so than intentional harm.

The puppy was euthanised due to the rapid onset of social issues that affected her ability to interact with humans and the permanent injury she suffered.

Purcell noted the medical issues, combined with the psychological trauma that the animal had endured, meant that putting it down was the most humane decision.