Mystery Remains Over Greyhound Testing Positive To Methamphetamine

Just how Snip Snap the greyhound ended up with meth in his system remains unclear, but his trainer has worn the blame, copping an industry ban.

Victorian trainer David Agius strenuously denies giving his dog methamphetamine and amphetamine, for which the animal tested positive after a race at Sale last May, and again during a kennel inspection about five weeks later.

Instead, Agius suggested to stewards that someone or a group of people who wished him harm had gotten access to Snip Snap or the dog's food -- but refused to name names.

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How the drugs were administered or consumed by the dog remains unknown but Agius was in October handed a 12-month industry disqualification suspended for eight months.

He was also fined $500 for breaching industry rules by failing to keep greyhound treatment records.

After a challenge by Greyhound Racing Victoria, Agius' effective industry ban -- which had been due to expire on June 16 after being reset when he was found on the grounds of the Sale Greyhound Racing Club in February -- has been increased from four to six months.

GRV had argued the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board's original penalty was inadequate, given the nature of the drugs detected in Snip Snap and the implications for industry's reputation.

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The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal this week agreed, saying the case of Snip Snap undermined confidence in the industry.

While there was no suggestion Agius administered prohibited substances to his greyhounds, the trainer was chastised for security arrangements at his kennels.

"Taking at face value Mr Agius' information about how he says the substances came to be ingested by Snip Snap, that indicates the security arrangements at his kennels were inadequate in both May and June 2018," VCAT senior member Anna Dea said in her decision.

"He ought to apply greater vigilance to access to his property generally and the kennels in particular."