Fury After Fake GoFundMe Page Set Up In The Name Of Baby Girl Who Died

Less than a week after the death of their daughter Amiyah, Jay and Dee Windross have discovered a fake GoFundMe page set up in her name.

Jay posted about the fake GoFundMe page on Facebook, begging people not to donate to the imposter account.

"As if someone pretending to have your phone and trying to extort money from you when not even in possession of the phone isn't enough," he said.

"Someone is now trying to scam money from the very generous people who plan on pledging their earnings in memory of Amiyah.

"I honestly can't believe the nerve of some people?? Seriously had enough of this!!!"

Image: Jay Windross Facebook

GoFundMe told 10 daily the fake campaign did not raise any money and was "quickly" deleted from the site.

"GoFundMe is committed to the highest levels of security and deploys exceptional fraud-prevention technology to prevent misuse, with a team of experts monitoring the site 24/7," a spokesperson said.

"Our platform is also backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee meaning funds are guaranteed to go to the right place or will be refunded."

The discovery of the fake fundraiser is yet another blow to the Windross family, who have been grieving their baby girl who passed away last Wednesday from an "undiagnosed neurological disease".

Days before Amiyah's death, Jay and Dee posted a desperate message on Facebook asking for help to find a mobile phone containing precious images of their daughter.

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Dee had accidentally left her phone in a bathroom at Melbourne's Chadstone Shopping Centre, but after being gone just minutes, she returned to find phone had been taken.

"We beg you as grieving parents not to wipe the phone. This phone holds the memories of what little life our daughter has had," they posted on Facebook.

"If you want the phone, we're more than happy to arrange to meet, we'll copy the photos off the phone and you can keep the phone. What is on the phone is worth more than anything in our life."

Source: Jay Windross Facebook.

The Windross couple said they would pay anyone who handed in the phone $1000, no questions asked.

As the family spent their last precious hours with Amiyah, an alleged blackmailer messaged the couple saying she had the phone.

But it turned out to be a hoax, with the woman, Siti Nurhidayah Kamal, admitting to faking having the phone.

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Kamal, a Malaysian national, faced court on Tuesday charged with blackmail for the attempted deception and will spend the next two months in custody until her next court appearance on July 8.

The real GoFundMe page set up by a family friend can be found here.