Hold Your Horses! 'Live' Animals On Freeway Not What People First Thought

Photos appearing to show two live horses strapped to a trailer on a Melbourne freeway certainly stir-rupped some controversy.

A concerned driver took photos of the horses tied on to trailer that was driving down the Citylink Freeway on Thursday morning.

The woman claimed she had been forced to swerve to avoid the trailer before noticing the horse and pony tied to it.

Photo: Facebook.

However, people on Facebook were quick to point out the horses looked like statues, and were not convinced they were fake.

Victoria Police has confirmed to 10 daily the horses were indeed "not real" and were being transported to an Anzac Day ceremony.,

"Fawkner Highway Patrol officers made a number of enquiries and determined that the horses are not real horses and were being transported for an ANZAC ceremony," police said.

Image: Facebook.

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The original post claiming to have seen the live horses has since been deleted off Facebook.