Community Mourns The Two People Found Dead At Music Festival

The two people who died at Queensland's Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival have been named as Ebony Greening and Dassarn Tarbutt and outpourings of grief from have been posted on social media.

Greening, 22 and Tarbutt, 24, were discovered in the same tent on Monday morning at the end of the four-day festival.

The coroner's report into their death has not yet been released.

The festival, which describes itself as a place of "Freedom, Love and Dance Music" has posted on Facebook that it is "absolutely heartbreaking to lose some beautiful souls that we consider part of our extended family".

Ebony Greening. Source: Facebook

Many people who attended the festival have expressed their sadness on Instagram, with one poster saying that it is a "heart braking [sic] end to the most amazing well done weekend I have ever experienced! Sleep well sweet souls".

One woman posted that she "smudged the space as well with sage and an eagle feather so heartbreaking it hit really hard yesterday I walked by there [sic] tent every day. and was camped behind them It's so sad. I wish nothing but love and healing for the family, friends and festival".

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Tarbutt's Facebook shows that he was strongly interested in vegan culture and activism and followed communities that push sustainable living and exposing the cruelty of factory farming.

Dassarn Tarbutt. Source: Facebook.

The festival organisers asserted that they would be continuing to cooperate with the Queensland Police in the investigation and told attendees that it is "appropriate that we give them the chance to do their work and respect the deceased family's right to privacy and avoid any speculation."

The NSW Deputy Coroner says Greening and Tarbutt's deaths highlight the importance of investigating deaths at music festivals; an inquest into a series of suspected festival overdoses is scheduled to begin in July.