'Stupidity On Roads': Police Slam Drivers After Passengers Found In Boot And Roof Of Cars

NSW Police say they've been left 'bewildered' by careless and risk-taking drivers in just the first two days of long-weekend road operations.

At the half-way mark of 'Operation Tortoise' this Easter, police have handed out a whopping 2,651 speeding infringements to drivers across the state.

A further 4,460 other infringements for other driving offences were also issued across Friday and Saturday.

Police have also carried out more than 126,000 breath tests and charged 74 people with drink driving.

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One of those drivers is alleged to have been more than four times over the legal limit when he was stopped on Sydney's busy Regent Street in Redfern at 1:40 am on Saturday.

The 38-year-old driver, a Mongolian national, has had his licence suspended and will face court next month after allegedly returning a breath analysis reading of 0.225.

But drink drivers haven't been the only reckless road-users, according to police.

One driver in Whiporie was allegedly detected driving at approximately 200 kilometres an hour, while a motorcyclist was allegedly clocked at 182 kilometres an hour on the M1 at Cataract.

In Tomerong on Friday an allegedly speeding driver, a 29-year-old woman, was stopped by police before officers discovered a second woman sleeping in the boot of the car.

An 18-year-old P-plate driver was allegedly caught driving five unrestrained passengers and two others travelling in the vehicle's rear cargo area in South Tamworth.

In another incident in Tamworth police said they responded to reports of a Holden Commodore driving with a person riding on the roof.

A female driver, 37, was stopped before allegedly returning a 0.081 breath analysis.

Image: AAP

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said several of the cases could "only be described as stupidity on the roads".

"Sadly, some drivers are ignoring common sense and putting their own lives, their passenger's lives, and the lives of other road users at great risk of death or injury," he said.

Tragically two people have already lost their lives on NSW roads this long weekend.

On Friday two cars collided on Pennant Hill's road at Beecroft in Sydney's north-west where a male passenger, 92, died at the scene.

On Saturday a 71-year-old man, the sole occupant of a Ford Falcon station wagon also died after his car left the road and rolled before hitting a tree.

Featured Image: AAP