Parents Plead For Missing Phone Holding 'All Memories' Of Their Sick Baby Daughter

Two parents have issued an emotional plea on Facebook for their missing mobile phone, believed to have been picked up at a Melbourne shopping centre on Saturday.

Jay Windross said his partner Dee's phone was likely picked up by someone from a toilet next door to the Target at Melbourne's busy Chadstone Shopping Centre at around 5:30pm.

Windross told 10 daily it could not have been more than a minute after his wife left the bathroom, before she realised she had left it inside and ran back to find it already gone.

The parents are desperate for the return of the phone, a Samsung Galaxy S8 with a purple cover, because it contains photos of their 11-month-old daughter, who was yesterday admitted to an intensive care unit in hospital.

Image: Facebook

It's the fourth time she has been admitted to hospital after she suffered an episode.

"We don't know how much longer it's going to be," Windross said.

"But it's grim, it's not looking too promising".

Windross said they were desperate for the phone because it holds all of their precious memories of "what little life our daughter has had".

"We understand that you have either found a new phone to use, or you can sell it to make money, but please understand that this means more than money to us," Windross said in a Facebook post that has already been shared more than 11 thousand times.

"If it's money you need, we will gladly offer you a cash reward for the return of the phone. No questions asked. No grudge held."

Windross also begged for anyone who may have taken the phone to not wipe its contents.

"If you want the phone, we're more than happy to arrange to meet, we'll copy the photos off the phone and you can keep the phone," he said.

"What is on the phone is worth more than anything in our life."

"Unfortunately we're not tech savvy enough to know how to back up our photos from our phone," Windross told 10 daily.

"But it would be devastating if someone wiped them off".

The parents have asked for anyone who may have the phone to contact them or drop it off at the reception of Monash Children's Hospital.

Featured Image: Facebook.