XR Protester Chained Himself To Coal Train And Live Streamed It

The Extinction Rebellion activists chained themselves to two different coal trains in Wynamm Queensland last night to obstruct the railways and live-streamed their protests.

Jaxom, 18, climbed onto the first coal train in south-east Queensland at approximately 2pm yesterday afternoon

In a Facebook video, he stated before jumping on the train, "now I know what I need to do to make the world better -- and that includes getting on a train."

He said he wants to prevent climate change to "stop humanity from going extinct".

Alice Wicks. Source: Extinction Rebellion.

Queensland police were called to the scene at approximately 2.30pm, bringing negotiators and the riot squad. Several negotiators could be heard on his live-stream throughout the recording encouraging him to come down on his own accord.

Jaxom asserted that he would be on the train until 9pm but he was eventually forced to come down at approximately 7.45pm.

He has been charged with trespassing, obstructing a railway, and obstructing police and will appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Extinction Rebellion told 10 Daily that he had been held overnight without bail "which is extremely unusual for these kinds of peaceful, non-violent protests".

The group, otherwise known as XR, have drawn widespread attention from a series of protests unfolding internationally, including a large demonstration in London that disrupted the city's centre for several days and has resulted in about 500 arrests since Monday.

Jaxom during his Facebook live-stream. Source: Facebook.

XR released a statement in support of the coal train protests, stating that with "Australian coal exports doubling domestic usage, and continued approval of new coal and gas projects despite the IPCC report stressing the need to rapidly move away from fossil fuels, the government has failed us."

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At 2am, another person identified as Alice Wicks, 26, clambered onto an Aurizon coal train on the same line.

Wicks posted on the Extinction Rebellion Facebook page that the group is "taking real action against corporations who profit from destroying our planet" and their actions were intended to send a "strong message across Australia and the world that people will stand up and fight for climate justice".

Wicks was arrested this morning and is currently in police custody -- Extinction Rebellion reported that Wicks' umbrella was confiscated by police during their protest and Wicks is currently in hospital being treated for what they believe to be hypothermia.