Here's How Australian Politics Is Like Game Of Thrones

The Side Project team took the journey to Westoros, and found out their politics aren't too dissimilar to what happens in Canberra.

The Small Council begins their election campaign talks tackling the issue of White Walkers, but not everyone is convinced, much like Australian MPs' views on climate change.

"It's not a real problem mate," said one of the team.

"They're a myth, they're not real. They're like vampires, or the gender pay gap."

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Image: The Side Project

But like many Australians, the people of Westeros are concerned with jobs and economic growth -- a key battle ground for the Small Council.

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The NBN wasn't safe from attack either.

"That one (the raven) took three weeks to get here, we're having a lot of trouble with the 'National Blackbird Network'," said one.

But that's enough spoilers, check out the hilarious video for yourself.

Listen to Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen in The Professor and The Hack discuss all things #Auspol. 

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