Boy Rescued From Bushland After Being Spotted On Night Vision Camera

A young boy has been rescued in dense bushland after becoming separated from his family on Wednesday.

The boy, 11, had been fishing with his five family members in the Otway Ranges when he became lost at about 4.30pm.

Emergency services were notified, with Air Wing and Search and Rescue officers beginning their search though the dense bushland.

The SES and civilians on motorbikes also helped with the search.

Image: Victoria Police

The boy was found by Air Wing officers at about 10:30pm, using night vision and infrared equipment by Air Wing.

In vision released by Victoria Police, the boy can be seen waving his arms towards the aircraft overhead.

After nearly seven hours of searching, police said the situation could have "potentially ended very differently".

The thick bushland in south Victoria. Image Google Maps

Police Air Wing Inspector Craig Shepherd said it was a "prime example" of how Air Wing can be used in difficult terrains and "complex environments".

“The Air Wing located the boy in pitch black conditions amongst trees and mountains using night vision and forward looking infrared equipment,” Shepherd said.

“The crews are highly trained and provide a life-saving role by locating people in bush and alpine environments whether it be day or night.

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The boy was uninjured and was reunited with is family.